化學名稱: Triphenylphosphine

分子式:`    (C6H5)3P

CAS#:      603-35-0

分子量:     262.3



      Description                    White to off white crystalline powder

Solubilit                        Insoluble in water.

  Soluble in Acrtone.

  Slightly soluble in Petroleum either and alcohol

Melting range                80 – 83 ℃

Boiling Point                  Between 376 to 379 ℃

Loss Drying                   Max. 0.5% (2 Hours by 60 in Vacuum)

Density (g/ml)               Between 1.198 to 1.209 g/ml

Assay, %, w/w              Not less than 99.80 (On dry basis)

Purity by GC, TPP           Not less than 99.50%

TPPO        Not less than 0.30%

Light Transmission(%)     Not less than 98%

Fe content (ppm)           Not more than 10 ppm

Lead content (ppm)        Not more than 200 ppm

Arsenic(As) (ppb)           Not more than 400 ppb

Mg content (ppm)           Not more than 1 ppm

Na content (ppm)           Not more than 1 ppm

Sulphur content (ppm)     Not more than 5 ppm

Chlorine content (ppm)    Not more than 5 ppm

Color (APHA)                  Not more than 20 APHA



As Wittig reagent in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics 

As catalyst in hydroformylation , isomerisation and polymerisation of olefins

As catalysing and curing agent in many polymerisation reactions, epoxy resins and photopolymers.

As reducing and deoxygenating agent in quinones, epoxides, amine Oxides and sulfoxides.