■Product Name: WAX-S

■Chemical group: Ester of Montanic Acids.

■Main Applications:

■    Wax-S is hard acid wax which easily forms emulsion gives high gloss on buffing and better mechanical resistance in water borne floor wax, polishing wax of cars, leather shoes, jackets, and silicone emulsifier. 

■    Due to the high acid value of WAX-S, it is also applied in acidic pigment to produce carbon paper, coatings, and paints.

■    Wax-S acts as lubricant for processing of plastics to smooth inner & outer surface. 

■   WAX-S is suitable to mix with another wax to improve emulsion.

■   WAX-S is important wax used in precision casting.

■Physical Index:

■ Packaging: Polyethylene bag 20 kg

■ Storage: Minimum shelf life is 2 years when properly stored in a dry area at normal ambient temperatures