Light Stabilizer

SV-123 CAS 129757-67-1

SV-234 CAS 70321-86-7

SV-292 CAS 41556-26-7 & 82919-37-7

SV-326 CAS 3896-11-5

SV-329 CAS 3147-75-9

SV-360 CAS 103597-45-1

SV-384 CAS 127519-17-9

SV-531 CAS 1843-05-6

SV-622 CAS 65447-77-0

SV-770 CAS 52829-07-9

SV-783 CAS 65447-77-0 & 70624-18-9

SV-944 CAS 70624-18-9

SV-944z 71878-19-8

SV-1084 CAS 14516-71-3

SV-1130 CAS 104810-48-2 & 104810-47-1 & 25322-68-3

SV-1577 CAS 147315-50-2

SV-P CAS 2440-22-4

Special Light Stabilizer

SV-XJDG: highly effective to absorb the ultraviolet between 280nm and 380nm applied in drip irrigation film, ground film and ultrathin plastic film

SV-568B: Suitable for PVC sectional bar

SV-568w: Suitable for PVC wood- plastic products

SV-790: Provide long term protection (144 hours or 200 hours UV light) applied in fabric bag and ton bag.

SV-790V: Suitable for very strong UV light applied in fabric bag ton bag 

SV-760: Good performance after UV light test or under xenon lamp applied in ABS