APG(Alkyl Glucoside)1214

APG(Alkyl Glucoside) 1214


General Description

APG (Alkyl Glucoside) 1214 is a nonionic surfactant that provides superior detergency, emulsifying, penetrating and surface tension reduction properties. It shows good compatibility with all other types of surfactants. Synergistic and thickening effects can be found, especially when mixed with CAPB, SLS, SLES, etc. APG1214 is very effective in hard surface cleaning and processing. Like all APG products, APG1214 is mild and readily biodegradable.



Due to its unique performance in cleaning, emulsifying and thickening, APG (Alkyl Glucoside)1214 is widely used in personal care products, hard surface cleaners, I&I cleaners, agrochemical emulsifiers and formulations which require thickening effects.