APG(Alkyl Polyglucoside)  C10

APG(Alkyl Glucoside) C10


General Description

APG (Alkyl Polyglucoside) C10 is a nonionic surfactant which is made from natural raw materials, natural alcohols and glucose derived from plants. Its superior properties include: detergency, wetting, dispersing and surface tension reduction, compatibility, especially foaming property. It also exhibits excellent alkaline and electrolyte resistance and can hydrotroping other ingredients.

APG(Alkyl Polyglucoside) C10 is low toxic, low irritating to skin and readily biodegradable. So it can be widely used in personal care products and household detergents: day cream, night cream, body cream & lotion, shampoo and hand cream, etc.

APG(Alkyl Polyglucoside) C10 is also a good choice for industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaners, especially for hard surface cleaning and processing for its high alkaline stability and hydrotroping ability.

APG(Alkyl Polyglucoside) C10 can be formulated in bubble water as a foam agent.



APG (Alkyl Polyglucoside) C10 is widely used in the following areas: personal care products and household detergents: such as shampoo, body-cleanser, bubble bath, cleaning lotion, skin care products, Cosmetic emulsifiers, cream rinses, hand sanitizer and dishwashing, etc;