Nucleating agent 


■    Description :

        SV-3988 is a perfectly odorless nucleating agent for polypropylene and polyolefin, 

        while keeping the performance in reducing the haze value and increasing transparency.

        SV-3988 is widely used in high-grade Polypropylene products, especially for food contact substances and healthcare stuffs.


■    Properties :

        ▣ Appearance         White Powder

        ▣ Physical Data 

                                        Moisture(%)                Max.1                                      ASTM D5530-94

                                        Color(APHA)                 Max. 50(NMP 10% Solution)        ASTM D1209


                                        Melting Point(℃)            280±10                                    DSC

                                        Bulk Density(g/ml)      Min. 0.1                           ASTM B 527-93


■    Application :

        SV-3988 is added into polypropylene by conventional dry blending and    pelletizing in the commercial manufacturing plant. 

        The polypropylene containing SV-3988 can improve the transparency, haze value, gloss, HDT, rigidity, flexural modulus and 

        tensile strength of PP film, sheet and Injection products.

        ▣ Food packaging container

        ▣ Disposable syringe

        ▣ Transparent article

        ▣ High transparent PP sheet

        ▣ Heat resistance PP container


■    Characteristics :

        ▣ No taste, no odor

        ▣ Good effect with small dosage

        ▣ Appearance without blooming

        ▣ Good dispersion


■    Advantage :

        ▣ Improvement of transparency and gloss without odor

        ▣ Improvement of dimensional stability and heat distortion temperature

        ▣ Higher productivity due to shortening cycle time in molding process


■    Dosage :

        The level of 2000 to 3000 ppm is recommended for homo polypropylene, random polypropylene.


■    Shelf Life :

        24 months from manufacturing date if remains unopened and stored under recommended condition. 



■    Storage :

        Cool(below 25℃), shaded and dry condition.


■    Packing :

        Net 10 or 20 kg in Carton Box.